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The Argument for Honesty

July 18, 2019

At the heart of an improved life is Honesty. In both Art and Science human beings quest for truth, taking years of skill development, experimentation, process and inquiry to try to understand the true nature of all that  goes on around us but ultimately what is the truth that lies within us.


‘’All knowledge ultimately means Self knowledge! Every time you do something you learn something about your self.’’  

- Bruce Lee


So much of modern society is structured to keep us searching outside of our selves, seeking approval, permission and acceptance. All by means that that blind us to our own personal insight and understanding. Social media and the constant up keep of email, clutters a persons ability to think about their thinking. The expectation set by the rapid adoption of new Technology coupled with the Ego metric of likes, shares and follows leaves us always behind in a virtual popularity race we cannot win. This new social currency so readily adopted by society leaves the discussion of values, principals and truth to echo in the caves of yesterday. In order to fit in we ignore the nagging truth, that our dependency on technology and the social framework that go with it cause us to be less human and less honest. This creates mental weakness and a fragility of spirit that undermines the best of our mental faculties; memory, creativity, problem solving.


Our want for convenience has given us weakness.

Our need for short term comfort leaves us with long term suffering.

Our primal need of wanting to belong to the tribe has been so poorly answered by our newest methods of socialising, sitting isolated staring at screens.


We are lying to ourselves thinking this is how to get along. The method of delivery is also a lie, a curated profile of only the high lights of who we are leaves us competing for best on show rather than expressing who we really are. This lack of truth takes hold in other aspects of our lives, making us less able to cope when real challenges arrive. This benefits no one and with diminished physical and mental resilience we are easier to manipulate,  sell to, and ultimately be sold out. This lack  of Honesty has been mistaken for increased civility, though technology has improved our means of communication and information acquisition this mainly serves to help the current economic drive of the developed world’s engine. We are conditioned to accept this situation, rationalising progress at the cost of actually being a better functioning society.


Truth is obscured and the path to personal understanding and self knowledge is cluttered by flashing pop ups redirecting us toward personal delusion.

You should reject this false premise and seek the honest answer no matter how brutal.

The nature of life is often grim, it will take some of us 20 years or more to really know as our 1st world bubble can insulate us from this reality. This is not the case for a 3rd world child raised without parents in the brutal life of a refugee camp. We humans do ourselves a true disservice by denying our mortality and human fragility. We are all flawed beings and will inevitably, die.


Honest acknowledgement of this fact and acceptance of this inbuilt inevitability is actually empowering!


This constant gives us an opportunity for self development, introspection and ultimately compassion.  A deeper understanding of all of lifes impermanence gives way to greater appreciation, sincerity and meaning in our actions.

Human development does not revolve around the ‘’Moores ‘’ Principal of Technological development, it is more subtle and grows organically from the soil of tragic loss and failure.


If we truly wish to grow, we need to step back from our blind participation in this current mode of self deception, for all of us to better connect we must be honest. Our bullshit projection which we try to reinforce daily might be acceptable even applauded but it is not us.


Honesty is about being you, finding what where you are right now. 

Find yourself , don’t seek a tribe. Seek your path and then build a tribe your own.



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